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Who We Are

While KW Designs, llc may be a new company we already inherently have over 22 years of experience in a broad range of project types. This larger and broader range of experience KW Designs, llc brings to the table at it's formation allows us to better suite our client's needs directly from the start. We are set up to take advantage of this much broader range of experience than any one particular project type may offer. Whether it be master planning, residential, renovation of existing facilities, Industrial, Flex, Hospitality, Office, Retail, Schools, Churches, Historical Adaptive reuse or preservation, YMCA, Mixed use Projects; our wide range of typologies as well as experience of seeing any given proejct thru from beginning to end lends iteself to working toward the best solution for any given project. Several of the projects in our initial proejct list may have been completed while at other locations, however it is this direct broad range of expertise that KW Designs, llc brings to the table at our inital formation.

Office Manager/Marketing Director Marylyn Woudstra M.Ed, Higher Ed Admin., has several years of experience in Business Administration.

Why Us?

KW Designs, llc strives to provide a cohesive and integrated process thru Conceptual and Schematic design, thru Design Development, Construction Documents, and Construction Administration; all tailored to our clients specific needs. We are not a one size fits all company, rather one that listens to our clients and tailors a project and our services to their needs. Our experience in a wide diversity of typologies allows us to cross over and allow a project to flow seamlessly. We understand that it is not only Form Or Function; rather the merging of both to fit the best end product for our client's needs and wishes. 


Estimated built projects over the 23 plus years of experience and counting (some while with previous employers):

  • Master Planning: +/-7,400 Acres
  • Industrial Bld.: +/- 1,500,000 S.F.
  • Flex Bld.: +/- 300,000 S.F.
  • Office Bld.: +/-1,200,000 S.F.
  • Retail Bld.: +/-320,000 S.F.
  • Hospitality Bld.: +/-1,300,000 S.F.
  • Civic Facilities / Schools: +/- 255,000 S.F.
  • Religious Institutions: +/-100,000 S.F.
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